Engagement requires more responsibilities

Tiffany Haynes

Tiffany Haynes

Engagement rings.

Drunken nights.


Many SDSU students share the sidewalks with a classmate, roommate or friend who has either gotten married or gotten engaged.

So, what does this mean to them and their friends?

Is there a war between single people and people who are engaged, married or in a relationship?

Senior Kelly Maser said, “The only good thing about being single is being able to go hunting without having any complaints.”

With every aspect in life there are pros and cons. For every pro about being in a relationship, someone will be able to produce a con.

Becky Lambert, an engaged senior, said, “There’s a lot more to being engaged than a big sparkly ring. The level of give and take increases and your life changes.”

Whether people are in a relationship, engaged or married, their views will be completely different on what it was like to be single.

“You don’t have to answer to anyone when you’re single,” Taylor Wilson, a pre-med major, said.

Men are often more adept at being able to find the cons in relationships, but occasionally they have very moving and heartfelt pros.

“Being in a relationship means having a best friend for life,” Maser said.

Senior Lindsay Willette, who is engaged, said, “Being engaged, you are living as a couple, not as a single person. By that, I mean you think, act and make decisions based on what is right for you as a couple.”

However people want to look at marriage, there will always be hardships, tribulations and hoops to jump through. In the end, it matters most what you choose to do with your life.