Police seek help in rape case

Lesa Jarding

Lesa Jarding

A 21-year-old female says she was raped by three masked men during the early morning hours in downtown Brookings on Nov. 1.

“This is still an ongoing investigation,” said Jeff Miller, a lieutenant with the Brookings Police Department. “At the time of the incident, we didn’t feel this was a risk to the public and that is why we did not release the information right away.”

Now the Brookings Police Department is asking for the public’s help in solving the alleged rape.

“We have exhausted all efforts at this point and are hoping people are familiar with the night or can remember anyone wearing masks,” Miller said.

According to police reports, the woman said the men were wearing Halloween masks. One mask depicted a demon with a red face and black horns, another was a clown with green hair and the third mask was a zombie with a distorted face and bald head. The woman also told police that one of the men was wearing a red Nike shirt.

“There have never been any cases like this before in Brookings where a person is taken off the street and assaulted by a group of people,” Miller said. “This is very unusual.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Miller at the Brookings Police Department by calling 605-692-2113.