From the Left: Immigration

Justin Goetz

Justin Goetz

If there is one issue on which the “Do-Nothing Congress” is aptly termed, it is the immigration issue. Both Republicans and Democrats can’t seem to stop the bickering in their respective houses as both parties have internal factions which either support “no amnesty” or are willing to “compromise.”

There are 12 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States. Yes, each and every one of these people did indeed break the law. However, we cannot feasibly deport one million souls, let alone twelve. Nor can a $1.2 billion wall covering only 700 miles of our 1400 mile border with Mexico be the solution the Bush Administration continues to crow about. A $1.2 billion measure that can be thwarted with a $.50 shovel. Good one, Georgie.

So here’s my take. Let’s start our prosecutorial furor with the businesses throughout America that exploit these people hoping for a better life. Duplicate social security numbers are already on file with the IRS-information that can be used to easily find and break up these illicit operations. Levy a heavy enough fine, and not even Wal-Mart would think of employing illegal immigrants. Moreover, increasing the number of border agents will prove to be far more effective at deterrence and apprehension than any wall. Finally, for illegal immigrants already in the country, work visas should be granted to these individuals. They, in no way, allow for any path to citizenship, as these visas are not documents that allow for permanent status, but they do allow these individuals to work legally under protective U.S. wage and occupational standards while allowing them the same chance all foreign nationals have to apply for permanent status and, eventually, citizenship.

But then again, what do I know? I’m not running for my political life this election cycle. I’m just a guy with a weird newspaper picture.

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