Cheerleaders boost school spirit

Jen Jungwirth

Jen Jungwirth

Sophomore Allison Ehrman is a true supporter of the SDSU Jacks. She is right there along the sidelines, in the action, cheering loud and proud for the yellow and blue.

Ehrman, an early childhood education major, is one of the 22 SDSU students that make up the Jackrabbit Cheer Team.

“My favorite part is getting to cheer along with the fans because that is really what I am,” said the second-year cheerleader.

However, besides classes and jobs, these fans devote long hours and hard work to bring the spirit to the games.

“Contrary to what many people think, there are a lot of difficult aspects to cheerleading,” said Kaylee Maresh, a sophomore apparel merchandising and advertising major.

Ehrman said one of the most difficult aspects is not being recognized for the hard work the team puts in.

“Many think we are a waste of space on the sidelines,” said Maresh, who is cheering in her second year. “If cheerleading only consisted of jumping up and down and smiling, I wouldn’t devote so much of my time to it. It’s much more.”

Each week, the team of 11 girls and 11 guys meets on Monday and Wednesday for two hours, practicing stunts, dances, cheers and the school song. At 7 p.m., the squad conditions and weight lifts for an hour. Also, the team must find time to meet with their individual stunt partners during the week.

Such hard work is rewarding for the team, however.

“Exciting the crowd during a bad game, hitting a stunt and representing SDSU in a positive manner makes me feel good,” Maresh said. “The crowd is also great and I love being able to help them support our team.”

The SDSU Cheer Team will be front and center at the Hobo Days football game against U.C. Davis, October 28.

#1.884068:2741867655.JPG:Cheer02.JPG:The SDSU cheerleaders back the Jacks at a home football game.:Erin Lester