Student Health organizes flu shot for vaccination week

Lesa Jarding

Lesa Jarding

Even with the unusual warm weather, winter is still fast approaching. And as a reminder to students, SDSU Student Health and Counseling Service is planning to hold flu shot clinics throughout the week.

SDSU Student Health and Counseling Service Associate Director Brenda Andersen wants students to know that now is the time to get vaccinated.

“Prevention is just like personal hygiene. Students need to stay healthy so they can be successful in school,” Andersen said.

Senior agriculture education major Kelly O’Donnell says she has never gotten a flu shot.

“I don’t think its something I have really needed, I’ve never gotten the flu and so for the last few years, I’ve just been taking my chances.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has designated the week after Thanksgiving as National Influenza Vaccination Week. According to the CDC, the week is designed to raise awareness of the importance of the flu vaccine through the flu season months, typically November to early April.

“We’ve found that more people get ill from seasonal influenza than anything else,” said Andersen.

“Like most college students on campus, I assume not all of us can afford to spend the money to get the shot,” said O’Donnell. “It’s not really a priority for me.”

Vaccinations are recommended for anyone who wants to decrease their risk of influenza.

“Our plan is to have a variety of clinics set up all across campus. If students see us then maybe we will help remind them that they need to get a vaccination,” Andersen said.

“Even if clinics are made available across campus, I still don’t think I would get the shot. I’ve been healthy so far, I think it would just be a waste to get it now,” said O’Donnell.

According to the CDC, between 5 and 20 percent of people in the United States are infected with influenza, about 36,000 people die and more than 200,000 are hospitalized because of influenza complications.

“So far, we have not diagnosed any cases yet this year,” said Andersen.

Students can purchase a shot for $20 or the FluMist for $32. Andersen says if anyone has questions about getting vaccinated, they should contact Student Health or their primary care physician.

#1.883957:1966735993.jpg:FluShot01.jpg:Freshman Jacob Temple gets a flu shot in The Union on Monday.: