Cage fighting takes dedication

Nick Schmeichel

Nick Schmeichel

Four fighters with ties to SDSU fought in the “Battle In Brookings” cage fighting event Dec. 2 at the Swiftel Center.

SDSU student John Kolbach said that it is hard for amateur fighters to get started in this type of sport because of the lack of knowledge, training and the mentality it takes to fight.

“It is hard for amateur fighters to know how to defend themselves intelligently,” Kolbach said.

Nick Dieter, a Family and Consumer Affairs major, also began training with Dakota Judo prior to the fights.

“I started fighting because of the competition and dedication it takes to be a fighter,” Dieter said.

DeRouchey and Dieter, both somewhat new to cage fighting, were defeated in the second round of their fights.

“It’s hard because you don’t know the other fighter’s style and how he is going to come at you,” Dieter said, “I was disappointed.”

DeRouchey, a dairy science major, had been training for this event for about six months.

“I had already been boxing when I started training for this event,” DeRouchey said.