Miller fought for students’ rights


Editorial Board

At issue:On Dec. 31, Peggy Miller will step down as SDSU president.

Our view:It may be time to go, but we’ll miss you, President Miller.

Some goodbyes are easier than others. Saying goodbye to Peggy Gordon Miller, our outgoing president, might take some time. But it’s the right thing to do.

It’s hard to imagine that Jan. 1, 2007 will be an easy day for Miller. It will be her first day as former president; the day she officially hands over the university she loves so much.

And it won’t be an easy day for many SDSU students. With her sweet smile and irresistible southern twang, Miller was a grandmother to us all. It was sometimes easy to forget she was the president of a Division-I university. She was approachable. She was caring. And she preferred students call her Peggy