Society’s toughest issues raise questions about nation’s morals

Ryan Schochenmaier

Ryan Schochenmaier

Homosexuality, bestiality, abortion, etc., have-no doubt-been part of the world’s history.

Analogous to a society or a human, the mighty redwood-having erected away from underbrush-enjoys its strong maturity, but forgets about its needy infancy.

Neglecting a harmonious world in which everything unites, we, for sake of passion and equality, are willing to forget what years have taught us.

And I fear it will take a cold shower of atheisms toward values to remind us what world such rebellions beget.

Our aim is to ensure each woman has legislation over her body, but we-also being egalitarian-do not extend this governing to repress another human being (i.e., the baby within her).

Why is a baby of 24 pregnancy-weeks a human, but not one of 23? Why is a born baby-for that matter, a dying grandfather-a human, less his being thus since conception? Does inhalation of air or being cleaned of vernix caseosa or the ability to do calisthenics make junior a human whose death is suddenly detestable?

After a rape/incest pregnancy, need we punish the innocent person-the baby-before or more heavily than the guilty person-the predator? You are my love and beauty, America-the self-centered seamstress alarmed by fringe, but at ease with cavities. You end a baby-for he might cause unfair burden to his parents-and cannot feed the homeless-for you have not chocolate cake. You justify the negation of a greater good by a lesser consequence.

That women have lost and continue to lose their innate relationship with their children-in the womb or otherwise-is the defecation of civilization. Guiltily and mournfully, I beg for forgiveness from the befuddled children of the year 2050, who know neither a feminine, loving mother nor a masculine, strong father.

Bach, Einstein, Hawking, Jesus, Michelangelo, Newton, Socrates, Washington, each of your friends, your mother and even you were once dependent babies whom-thankfully-society thought worth protecting.