Testimony begins in trial of former SDSU player

Associated Press

Associated Press

BROOKINGS, S.D. (AP) – A woman who said she was raped in her dormitory room at South Dakota State University was the first witness Tuesday in the trial of a former university basketball player.

Andre Gilbert, 20, of Brooklyn Park, Minn., is charged with second-degree rape and burglary. Another former SDSU player faces a separate trial in the case.

The woman testified that the two men entered her room and that Gilbert raped her. She said she said “no” 15 to 20 times and was afraid to scream or resist because she didn’t know what the two men would do to her.

In opening statements, Gilbert’s attorney said the sex was consensual and that the woman waited a month before reporting it to authorities.

State’s Attorney Clyde Calhoun said Gilbert lied about being in the dorm room but that DNA evidence shows he was there.

Mohamed Berte, 23, of the Ivory Coast, is charged with aiding and abetting second-degree rape, burglary and illegal sexual contact. His trial is scheduled for January.