Trophies trump touchdowns for awards season fans

Bridget Nordquist

Bridget Nordquist

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in the midst of one most exciting times of the year (in my humble opinion). No, I’m not talking about the Super Bowl and the parties surrounding that mega-event. I’m referring to a series of much more lavish events, where style and glamour abound, and reputations hinge on the choice of a dress.

Yes, I refer to awards season. The Golden Globes recently took place and the Academy Awards will soon be here. Thus, I wanted to take a moment to review the Globes and look toward the Oscars.

The Golden Globes is a combination of movie and television awards voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press. In my opinion, it is not as exciting as the Oscars, partly because the Globes do not have a host to keep us entertained. Instead, the presenters come out and quickly introduce and hand out an award with few frills. Also, this year most of the winners were fairly predictable, including various awards for “Dreamgirls,” Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep and Sacha Baron Cohen.

However, there were definitely a few memorable moments during the evening that are worth mentioning. First, early in the show, we were treated to an awkward Justin Timberlake moment when Prince did not appear to accept the award for Best Original Song. Timberlake was left frantically searching the crowd for several painful seconds before uncomfortably accepting the award on Prince’s behalf.

A few memorable acceptance speeches colored the night, such as touching ones by Jennifer Hudson and America Ferrera. Meryl Streep was amusing. Tom Hanks delivered a colorful, possibly alcohol-induced introduction to Warren Beatty’s achievement award.

However, above all, Sacha Baron Cohen’s acceptance speech for Best Actor in Comedy awarded for “Borat” was the most … um, interesting. I really can’t describe it and instead suggest you watch it on YouTube, if you don’t have a weak stomach.

The Golden Globes are not necessarily an accurate predictor of the Oscars, but this year the winners will likely look the same.

During the Feb. 27 airing of the Oscars, look for the big-name flicks such as “Dreamgirls” and “The Departed” to do well again, as well as the same actors.

As the Oscars approach, I will definitely be spending more time speculating on nominations. Although the Golden Globes are fun, the Academy Awards are the main event. Forget the Super Bowl. Start planning your Oscar party now!