Recent theatre graduate starts at SDSU, ends up in Hollywood

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

Ever since Laci Greenfield was in grade school, she has been fascinated with acting. After school, she would watch her mom, a play director in Doland, rehearse. “I could not wait until I had the chance to be on stage” Greenfield said.

Dieter Poppen, a 2003 SDSU communication studies and theatre graduate, said “She has talent, works really hard and takes her craft seriously.” Poppen and Greenfield shared the stage in both acting and directing. In both cases, he says, she was very easy to work with.

After Laci graduated from SDSU in 2004 with a degree in theatre, she moved to Los Angeles. Calif.

“I live here because I always felt like I was meant to be near Hollywood to chase my dream,” Greenfield said. Since moving out to L.A., she has worked on the shows such as “CSI” as a police officer, on “nip/tuck” as a nurse and on the new show “The Riches” as Minnie Driver’s stand-in.

“I help the director and director of photography set up the lighting and line up the cameras so that when Minnie steps in for a scene, she will look great in the lighting that they have set for her.”

Becoming an actor is hard work. It takes a lot of work and dedication. Laci said when she got out to California, she asked a lot of questions and started networking.

She says the theatre program here helped her out a lot with preparing to work in the entertainment industry. According to J.D. Ackman, a theatre professor, the theatre department tries to teach their students the whole theatre aspect. “By teaching them those skills they will be able to do anything in the theatre world, whether it is lighting, costumes, directing, or acting” he said.

Like Laci, theatre major Nick Castillo is hoping to become a professional actor. “I am not sure where I want to move (after I graduate). I want to do stage acting, possibly films and voiceovers,” he said.

Laci’s advice to aspiring actors is “never give up.” “Set small goals for yourself. Once you achieve one, set up another and don’t listen to anyone who may try to discourage you.”