Jacks’ softball team struggles on long roadtrip, looks forward to home games

Anna Simons

Anna Simons

While students have been fighting snowstorms, the SDSU women’s softball team has been enjoying warm weather.

The team has been traveling all season to tournaments all across the country. They have been as far away as Florida and Oregon, and currently hold a 9-13 record.

Head Coach Shane Bouman, said the team has had some “bright spots,” but still needs to work on some pitching and defensive issues.

Bouman said the women’s main strength this season is their speed. They have stolen 41 bases in 54 attempts, 20 more than their opponents. The Jacks use their speed to put serious offensive pressure on other teams.

On the road, SDSU has had some great opportunities to grow as a Division-I team. In one tournament, they matched up with Oregon State, who was No. 4 in the country last year. Although SDSU suffered a loss, they played well against the Oregon squad and their two-time All-American pitcher. Opportunities to play against distinguished teams such as Oregon State may be just what SDSU needs to improve.

Improvement is one of Bouman’s goals for this season.

“(We want) to get to a point where we can play up to our potential and eventually compete for an independent championship,” he said.

With 22 games already played on the road, the team is crossing their fingers for some home games this season.

“We have been waiting for an on-campus facility for two years now,” Bouman said.

The facility is scheduled to be ready for the team’s home opener Wednesday, March 21, versus Saint Cloud, but there is a chance it may not be ready.

Bouman remains hopeful the facility will be ready in time.

“It would have a huge impact on our performance. It’s like asking the women’s basketball team if they want to play the WNIT in Frost Arena or at Indiana. Of course we want to play at home,” he said.

Total, the women have 19 home games scheduled for this season. Hopefully, they will get a chance to play them all in their new facility.

“If it’s not ready in time,” Coach Bouman said, “we will just leave it all up to the administration.”

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