Letter to the Editor: Paper needs parking research


The Collegian editorial on Feb. 28 was a good reminder for the Students’ Association Senate candidates to promote and work on goals that are realistic and relevant. Over the years working with the Senate, I have seen some candidates elected or appointed with a platform that was unachievable, and, therefore, he or she achieved very little during that term.

Even though one of the editorial’s views was that senate candidates need to have well-researched goals, The Collegian itself did not research well when preparing the editorial. Contrary to the editorial, each year new senators do not learn about plans to improve parking by marking SDSU a ‘walking campus.’ In fact, sitting on the parking and traffic committee has allowed me to learn that even members of the faculty and administration do not see a ‘walking campus’ coming to fruition for many years, if ever.

Unlike some candidates who suggested spending unreasonable resources on parking, I ran for my position stating that I would try to realistically and quickly improve parking: Increase 20 minute spaces for students running errands, find wasted spaces to increase capacity without construction and improve signage and markings to ensure that students do not receive tickets because of poor design of parking lots. I also understand university campuses require walking a few blocks to class.

During the next year, I hope to see both representatives of the senate and The Collegian think before they speak, so we can have a productive and efficient upcoming year.

Andrew NatzelJunior, Civil Engineering majorSA senator, College of Engineering