Campus safety involves bikers

Jason Mann

Jason Mann

Spring is finally here, and its arrival signals the reemergence of shorts, flip-flops, sunglasses, baseball and bicycles.

Bicycles can be a handy way to get to class. They can shave minutes off of your travel time, allowing you to stay in bed just a little longer. Plus, they offer a great cardio workout, helping you to work off that winter weight. For students who prefer to walk to class, however, bikes can be an annoyance.

“They [bike riders] always think they don’t have to stop for anyone walking and will run you over if you don’t get out of the way” said Caiti Kean, a junior nursing major. “I get scared when they whiz by my head without warning.”

She says she can see why some people enjoy using the bikes since they can make getting across campus easier, but she does wish riders would warn pedestrians that they plan to pass them. Kean is from Rapid City, and riders on city bike paths there yell “Coming up on your left/right” when they pass walkers. She says she would like to see riders here try something similar. Kean thinks doing so would be a simple step towards safety for everyone who has to get around on campus, plus it’s just common courtesy.

While she has had a few near-death experiences on her way to class, Ashley Vanneman, a freshman biology major, doesn’t have a big problem with bikes on campus sidewalks. However, she, like Kean, wishes they used more care when riding near walkers.

“It would be great if they would slow down when they got near a person,” said Vanneman.

Storing bikes between classes and at night can be a problem. According to the residence hall handbook, the preferable place to leave your bike is attached to a bike rack, which are located outside every residence hall. If you notice your bike has been removed from the rack, make sure you contact the University Police Department.

Bikes can also be kept in a student’s room. If you hook your bike up to a building, a post or even a tree, it is possible that UPD will remove it. While you are allowed to store your bike in your room, you are not allowed to ride it anywhere inside the building. Try not to leave your bike anywhere on campus when you leave for the summer. After 30 days, any bikes left will be considered abandoned property and will be collected. are popular and cheap transportation choices among students, as the weather warms up.:Brandon DeVries