Grey’s’ character Addison tests popularity in spin-off

Bridget Nordquist

Bridget Nordquist

Apparently, 95 percent of humans watch “Grey’s Anatomy.” Admitting that you do not is close to blasphemy in many circles. Since I haven’t written on the subject in a few weeks, I feel that it is necessary to enlighten you on recent developments.

Recently, “Grey’s Anatomy” was renewed for a fourth season by ABC. Umm, I don’t think that was ever in question, considering it is by far ABC’s biggest primetime show. It has even consistently has beaten “CSI” in ratings. Considering the powerhouse that “CSI” has been for the past several years, this is a significant accomplishment.

In another new development, the “Grey’s” cast also appears to be getting along. Almost a year after Isaiah Washington’s (Dr. Burke) homophobic rant against a fellow cast member, the atmosphere on the set has reportedly improved. Also, the entire cast signed on for next season with substantial pay raises. This comes after Katherine Heigl (Izzie) felt she was being so underappreciated that she was thinking about not renewing her contract.

Finally, on to the most exciting news coming out of Seattle Grace Hospital: the upcoming “Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off. This May, ABC will air a special two-hour episode of “Grey’s” that will serve as a pilot for the spin-off “Private Practice.” The spin-off will be based on Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), “Grey’s” present OB/GYN. She will apparently move her practice out of Seattle, possibly to Los Angeles. Other stars for the new show are reportedly Taye Diggs (from “Rent”) and Amy Brenneman (from “Judging Amy”).

I am very excited for this new show. I have long thought that Addison was underappreciated on “Grey’s.” Admittedly, when you’re an adulteress wife who splits up a beloved TV couple such as Meredith and McDreamy, you may face a little hostility. However, this past season, Addison has developed into an intriguing and misunderstood character who could definitely use a little more screen time.

Hopefully, the current success of “Grey’s” is an indication of a bright future for “Private Practice” and our favorite baby doctor. However, there is always a chance that it could nosedive after characters detach themselves from what the public originally loved. (Remember “Joey?”)

Let’s just hope the spin-off can emulate “Grey’s Anatomy’s” accomplishments while not leaving us sick to our stomachs.