Meet the Skeptyx

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

Zeke Hanson wanted to make a difference, so the senior media productions major approached his friends with the idea of a show about three guys sitting around talking about movies. Hanson said SDSU provided a good opportunity because it has all the equipment they needed and students who wanted to help with the production. The result is the show “The Skeptyx”.

“The Skeptyx” stars Hanson and senior journalism majors Nick Peterson and Dusty Stalder as movie critics. Each has their own character in the show. Peterson is the “phat critic,” Stalder is the “people’s critic” and Hanson is the producer/host who keeps the other two in line.

The show has added two characters since it first aired. Rob Lehman, a senior media productions major, is the movie man and Samuel Hanson, a sophomore art and journalism major, is the intern.

Peterson, Stadler and Hanson said they came up with the show because they all wanted a student news program.

“I wanted the show to be entertaining,” said Hanson. “Since we all talk about movies, it was a good fit. The script is a rough outline of what is put on the show. We know what we want to talk about, and it goes from there.”

“The characters are based on our personalities,” said Peterson. “We didn’t have them at first. Now we feed off of each other.”

Now on its sixth episode, The Skeptyx can be viewed on

SDSU Student Film Festival? According to Zeke Hanson, the president of the film festival, the festival had a good turnout. 260 people attended to see the 14 films.? The first place winner at the student film festival was the animated epic film “The Dim Ages.” In the film, characters in a pop-up book were on a quest. The film was directed and drawn by Isaac Windham, a sophomore media productions major, and written by Windham and Drake Heide, a sophomore electronics engineering technology major. ? In second place was the film “RA Confidential 3,” produced by Philosophika Films and directed by Scott Rasmusson, a senior history and education major. The film is about two resident assistants trying to find the person who betrayed them. ? In third place came the infomercial “The Dead Hooker Removal Service,” directed by Brett Bittner, a junior media production and broadcast journalism major.