Spring game gives early season look

Ariy-El Boynton

Ariy-El Boynton

The spring game gives the SDSU football team a chance to examine progress. Coaches can evaluate players, and players are able to experience a game-like atmosphere. Head Coach John Stiegelmeier expects his players to have a bounce in their step.

While the spring game may not be ultimately fan-friendly, it still provides a chance for the fans to catch a look at the 2007 football team.

“I think you will see a pretty good team,” said Stiegelmeier. “Ideally, if you can come and watch, even though we are playing against ourselves, I think you will see a really good football team. I think it helps if the stands get some people into it too.”

During the game, the offensive coordinator will call basic offensive schemes while the defense coordinator will counter with base defenses. Stiegelmeier said running trick plays, or sets the team is not familiar with, is a waste of time.

“If we introduce new plays and no one knows what they are doing, then it does us no good,” Stiegelmeier said. “If the offense gains four to five yards then the offense wins. If the defense holds the offense to less than three yards, the defense wins.”

The health of the football team is also a concern in the spring game. Expect a clean, hard-fought game. The quarterbacks will wear a special jersey, reminding the defenders to not hit them.

The quarterback position is the most intense position this spring. Expect all four quarterbacks vying for the position to play in the game, but do not expect long passes. Stiegelmeier said the team is working on short passes in practice. He said he wants to let the receivers run for the 30 yards, instead of passing that far.

The final goal of the spring game is to determine the depth chart. Stiegelmeier said the spring game is a crucial element in determining the depth chart.

“Bottom line, once we are done with spring, we want our depth chart set and let the kids compete from there,” said Stiegelmeier