SDSU active in helping out those in need after shooting

Brittany Westerberg

Brittany Westerberg

Signs hang all over campus announcing, “For today, we are all Hokies.”

This statement seems to be true. Students throughout SDSU are getting involved and doing what they can to help the people involved in the Virginia Tech shooting.

The Greek Programming Board decided last week to sell buttons in order to raise money for the Virginia Tech Memorial Fund. The fund will help cover grief counseling, memorials, communication costs, comfort expenses, incidental needs and other costs.

“All supplies were paid for out of our own budget,” said Tara Fastert, a senior agriculture education major and member of Alpha Xi Delta, “so they get 100 percent profit.”

There are only a few pins left, and while she was not sure how much money had been donated so far, Fastert was confident that they were making a difference. Many people simply saw the bucket sitting at the Information Desk in the Union and gave money without taking a button. “They said they just wanted to help,” said Fastert.

Hansen Hall Government put together a candlelight vigil for the victims and survivors on April 18. It was held in the backyard of Hansen Hall, and students from across campus were invited to attend.

“Although we are geographically a distance from this tragedy, it effects all of us,” said Kristen Carlisle, residence hall director for Hansen Hall.

Students brought candles and guarded the small flames against the light wind that sprang up that night. Other candles were lit in a square on the basketball court surrounding several candles that spelled out the letters “V-T.” The students soon surrounded the square of candles and were invited to speak a prayer for the happenings earlier that week. One student started singing, “Amazing Grace,” and was soon joined by the others there. As the students prayed and sang, the wind blew out most of the square of candles, leaving only 34 still burning, according to Carlisle. huddle around their candles during a vigil for the Virginia Tech shooting victims.: