Local band records first EP

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

After one year together, six songs recorded during a seven-month period, 60 shows in four states and $2000 later, the band Welcome to the Cinema had their first EP come out on March 17. The EP was recorded in Minneapolis at Shortman Studios. Currently, the band is not on any record label.

It is common for members of a band to form a different band as a side project. Many musicians are involved in multiple projects. Welcome to the Cinema is no different. Ezekiel Richter, a senior in media production, and Darin Dahlmeier, a senior graphic design major, were in a band when they decided to form another one with Cody Brown, a sophomore in media production, and Yannick Perryman.

Dahlmeier sings and plays the gutair, Richter plays the bass, Brown plays the drums, and Perryman plays the keyboard.

“Cody wanted to be in a band with the word Cinema in it” said Dahlmeier. The rest of the name came after decided what sounded best with that word.

They are influenced by the Baby Dolphins and describe their music as “dancy pop.” “We like to have fun with our music” said Brown.

Each member got into music in different ways. Brown’s dad is a musician and gave him a drum set when he was little, while Dahlmeier played the drums in band class. Richter had piano lessons at age 8 and Perryman had piano lessons at age 9.

“At age 14, I actually started liking the piano because of the internet. I was able to find sheet music of songs of bands I actually liked,” Perryman said.

Their CD can be found at Cottonwood Coffee and on their website at http://www.myspace.com/welcometothecinema.