Movie trilogies ending

Bridget Nordquist

Bridget Nordquist

I love summer beyond any other season, not only because of no classes, nice weather and barbecued food. Summer also features some of the biggest and best movies of the entire year. This is when studios unveil the movies that will pay salaries for the rest of the year. Officially, the summer movie season begins in May, which is just around the corner. Since it’s difficult to plan your entire summer movie marathon, I will give you a preview of three big blockbusters coming up in May.

The biggest movies are continuations of franchises that we have previously loved. May 4 brings the well-chiseled Tobey Maguire back to the screen in “Spider-Man 3.” Spidey fans have long been anticipating this movie as trailers seem to promise just as many thrills as the first two flicks with the addition of that menacing black suit. His personality will also reportedly turn much darker, indicating a psychologically thrilling twist. New stars will also join Spidey for this go-round. Topher Grace, Thomas Haden Church and Bryce Dallas Howard star as bad-guys and an old flame. It looks to be steamy.

May 18 will bring back the largest, greenest and most likable ogre to ever grace the screen. “Shrek the Third” looks to follow the two previous Shrek installments in that it will be sassy and smart entertainment that offers fun for everyone. The story here involves Shrek’s woes as he attempts to rule Far Far Away. He knows the job is not for him and thus sets off to find another heir to the throne. Look for a King Arthur-ish twist that should also be interesting. Characters such as Puss-in-Boots, Donkey and Charming will also be back to add to the enjoyment.

Last and not least for the big franchise flicks … get ready to say hello and maybe goodbye to Captain Jack Sparrow on May 25. The third (and maybe not final) film in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series will soon set sail. “At World’s End” will feature the crew of the Black Pearl trying to save that crazy Jack Sparrow from the jaws of death. The trailers also indicate a pirate gathering of monumental proportions for our entertainment. Also, we will finally find out if Will and Elizabeth end up together or if Jack steals her away. Swashbuckling fun awaits.

Whether you love or loath these three franchises, they will definitely promise fun for fans and big bucks for studios. Of course, there are many smaller movies that will no doubt prove to be more thought-provoking than Spidey, Shrek or Captain Jack. Whatever the case, plan to be in theatres this May.