New leadership takes up reins

Brittany Westerberg

Both KSDJ and the Collegian are experiencing changes in management.

KSDJ’s new station manager for next year is Carl Deardoff, a junior broadcast journalism major originally from Brandon, S.D.

Deardoff began DJ-ing at KSDJ in Jan. of 2006, and that fall he became the station’s program director. In addition to his experience at KSDJ, he has also been working at Brookings radio, which he will do more of this summer.

Deardoff would like to get a web site set up this summer that is a step above what they already have. They are always looking to increase potential listeners, and he sees the Internet as a possible way of doing that.

He would also like to make sure that they run a clothing or food drive in the fall. “We want to try to get back to students and support the local music scene more,” he said.

“We are currently in the process of hiring new directors,” Deardoff said. “I am looking forward to their input to see what else we could possibly do.”

Tory Haggerty, KSDJ’s current station manager, is very hopeful for Deardoff. “He’s got the knowledge and a good grasp on the way things run,” he said. “I think he’s got some good ideas for the station.”

The new editor-in-chief of the Collegian is Jenna Mann, a sophomore broadcast journalism and political science major from Winner, S.D.

“I think Jenna will do a good at the editor position because she’s been watching the current editorial staff intently and is committed to the job,” said Heather Mangan, the graduating managing editor of the Collegian.

Mann said she would like to continue producing the level of excellence they have this year. She would also like to do a lot more with convergence on the Collegian web site by adding video and other things to the site. Another goal is to cover a wider range of events on campus.

One of her main concerns is the inexperienced editorial staff she will have for next year, with only four others who have been on staff before. Another concern is the fact that the Collegian is getting a new advisor.

Otherwise, she is excited for next year.

“If anyone’s interested in reporting, we’ll welcome you all year round,” Mann said. “It’s a great way to get experience and build a clip file for your resume. A lot of employers have told me that they won’t hire anyone who wouldn’t work for their college newspaper, so this is a great experience and more fun than you might originally think. You never know until you try it.”

#1.883440:3562472298.jpg:KSDJ.karl.jn.jpg:Carl Deardoff is the new station manager for KSDJ starting in the Summer of 2007. :#1.883439:1297763167.jpg:jennamann.jn.jpg:Jenna Mann is the 2007-2008 editor-in-chief of The Collegian.: