The Pink Floyd Experience: You’re gonna wish you were here

Jay Fishback

Jay Fishback

The Pink Floyd Experience (PFX) is playing at the Swiftel Center on Sept. 22 at 8 p.m.

PFX is a six-person band that plays and expands the music of the legendary British rock band Pink Floyd. According to they perform a two-hour show with over $2.5 million of production equipment on stage. There is also a massive light show, a moving truss and a 12-foot long pig blimp that flies over the audience and balconies in final homage to Pink Floyd’s most familiar image.

Doug Martin, a global studies junior, said, “I hope to see a couple of tracks off The Dark Side of the Moon album. But I also want to see how they will incorporate a light show with the music.”

Jake Langland, a Brookings native, also said he would be going to the show. However, Langland is a little bit skeptical about seeing a Pink Floyd cover band. “If it isn’t what Pink Floyd would sound like, hopefully the light show will compensate for the music,” he said.

This year PFX’s fall tour begins on Sept. 19 in Denver, Co. They continue east through Brookings on to Van Wert, OH.

“I am a little bit surprised to see a Pink Floyd cover band come to Brookings,” Martin said. “It’s new for Brookings and could be good (for Brookings) to bring in classic rock.”

“Many of my friends are going to the show,” he added, “and they all look forward to watching some good rock and roll.”

Langland agreed with Martin and said, “Hopefully we might see some new bands coming around here.”

Travis Berkland, a mechanical engineering junior, is excited for the show. “This is great being able to see (PFX) because it is a chance to see one of the greatest rock bands ever. Pink Floyd doesn’t tour themselves besides individual members of the band going solo.”

This and more information about the experience can be found at the Web site