Great college games year in and out

Ariy-El Boynton

Ariy-El Boynton

10. Florida/Georgia: The Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party has seen Georgia and Florida play in this classic held in Jasonville, Fla. Georgia leads the series with 54 wins, 37 losses and 2 ties. As of late though, Florida has dominated the rivalry earning a 15-2 in the game since 1990. Georgia fans were very happy to see the ol’ ball coach (Steve Superior) gone as he posted 11-1 record during his tenure at Florida. In 2002, Georgia was smiling even more as they carried an 8-0 mark coming into the game. The Gators, under new head coach Ron Zook, stunned the Bulldogs 20-13, costing Georgia a shot at the National Championship. Just another great game for these two great football schools

9. Harvard/Yale: “The game” sees the annual contest of Harvard vs. Yale. This is one of the most storied rivalries as these teams have met 123 times starting in 1875. Great pranks have been pulled at this game by the educational elites. In 2004 Harvard students handed out signs to 1,800 Harvard fans and told the students that the signs said, “Go Harvard,” but the signs really spelled out “We Suck.” Since Harvard and Yale (nor any Ivy league team) do not engage in post-season play, the “game” is their bowl game.

8. TEXAS/TEXAS A&M: Texas is the elite school that all the oil barons’ sons and daughters go to. Texas A&M is like SDSU, with farmers who bring their lunch pails to work and school every day. Kyle Field at College Station, Texas and Austin, Texas are two of the greatest venues to watch a college football game. Last year A&M snapped a six game victory for UT. The battle continues.

7. OHIO STATE/MICHIGAN: The Ten Year War (1970’s) saw Bo Schembechler’s Michigan Wolverines fall short to OSU’s Woody Hayes 5-4-1 in the decade. In 1973 both teams were undefeated, and played to a 10-10 tie at the end of the season. With no tiebreaker rule established the rest of Big 10 schools took a secret ballot. The verdict found Ohio State going to the Rose Bowl, and Schembechler outraged with the secret ballot. The game in 2006 saw a match up of #1 vs. #2 for the first time in history with Ohio State advancing to the national championships. Michigan leads the series all time 57-40-6.

6. USC/UCLA: Between the years of 1991 and 1998 UCLA beat USC in every single game. With the emergence of head coach Pete Carroll, the men of Troy beat UCLA from 1999-2005. In 2006 a top-ranked USC fell to unranked UCLA, giving a new birth to this great football rivalry. USC has held the Victory Bell 41 times, while UCLA hoisted the bell 28 times and there were seven ties apiece.

5. Notre Dame/USC: Notre Dame legendary head coach Knute Rocke made this rivalry what it is today; Rocke picked USC over Nebraska due to a talk with his wife. In 2005 Notre Dame and USC played one of the greatest games in college football history. Matt Leaner was pushed by Reggie Bush to propel USC to victory over Notre Dame 34-31. Notre Dame holds the Jeweled Shillelagh 42 times, with USC hosting the trophy 31 times, and 5 ties apiece.

4. Auburn/Alabama: Folks this is not “just a game.” This is a way of life for Alabamans. Right when a baby is born the first question for parents is, “Will he be a Tiger or a Tide?” During the Iron Bowl the whole state shuts down with everyone either at the game or watching the game on television. Alabama leads the all-time series 38-32-1. From 1907 to 1948 the game was suspended due to not being able to find the right zebras. Talk about fierce rivalry. The Foy-ODK Sportsmanship Award has been given to Alabama 38 times with Auburn receiving the trophy 32 times, with one tie apiece.

3. Lehigh/Lafayette: Located just 17 miles apart in the east sides of Pennsylvania, these two squads from the Patriot League are not the greatest teams ever to hit the field, but this rivalry is very intense. Instead of a weird name trophy, the winner of the game just receives the game ball. Both schools’ alumni meet around the world to showcase this annual rivalry. Lafayette has won 75 times, Lehigh 62 times, and tied for five. The 100th meeting saw both teams without a victory, ending a 6-6 tie.

2. Army/Navy: The sold out game pits these two proud service academies against each other in early December. This game is one of the closest rivalries in college football history. Army trails Navy 49-51 with seven ties apiece. While no trophy is given to the winner, inter-service “bragging rights” are at stake. Both teams show great respect for each other at the end of the game, as both schools sing the opposing academy’s fight songs together.

1. Minnesota/Wisconsin: The oldest rivalry, in Division I-A, also had two of the greatest trophies to ever exist in a rivalry. The current trophy is Paul Bunyan’s Axe awarded to the winner. Before the axe, the winner received a” slab of bacon.” The Golden Gophers lead the series, 59-49-8, while the Badgers lead the modern series, 32-24-3. The last 5 years Wisconsin dominated the series with four wins and one loss. An open-air stadium at U of M will add to this college football rivalry.