Cross dressing goes glamorous at pageant

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

Steve Iverson, (Stafena) was revealed last night as the 2007 Miss Homelycoming Pageant winner. Iverson, along with five other men competed in four categories while dressed in drag. “I feel excited for participating and would like to thank Kayla Holmstrom, Amy Colgan, and my mother”, Iverson said.

The pageant kicked off with the six contestants dancing on stage. One of the songs during the dance was “Big Girls You Are Beautiful”; which contained many props, including pizza boxes and 44 ounce Coke cups.

The crowd was energized and some in the front row even made signs for the different contestants. Jim Harriman, an agriculture business senior, held a sign that said: “I Heart Phat Women.”

The first category the “girls” were judged in was swimsuits. While each “girl” strutted her stuff across the stage, the hosts read off profile information. This included their name, year, and what super power the “girl” wanted.

The next category was the talent portion. The talents ranged from a dance interpretation to a ribbon wand to a self-defense demonstration. Matthew Hartey (Lindsay Peppercorn), wore a purple velvet number and danced to the song “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia. Kyle VanDerweerd (Alotta Bush), taught the crowd about self defense while dressed in a fairy costume.

The evening gown and questionare categories followed. When asked what her favorite color of lipstick was, David Laffrenzen (Voluptuous Vicki) said, “I would be pink lipstick so I know what boys I’ve kissed and never kiss them again.”

The five judges then tallied up the scores and ranked the top three girls.

The judges for this year’s event were Gavin Nachtigall, Miss Homelycoming 2005, Alex Brown, Students’ Association President, Kate Wismer, Miss SDSU, Paige Hemmah, president of Alpha Xi Delta, and Doug Sahr, member of Alpha Psi Omega.

Patrick Thompson (Anita Cocktail) came in third and Matthew Hartey (Lindsay Peppercorn) came in second. Hartey also snatched the title of Miss Congeniality.

“This is my highlight of the year. It’s so hilarious”, said Emily Adams, a pre-pharmacy sophomore.