Cavorts showcases many talents

Carl Deardoff

Carl Deardoff

People can expect music, fresh talent and a little out of the ordinary when Cavorts returns to the Performing Arts Center on Sept. 28 at 8:00 p.m.

“You”, the Cavorts’ theme, is meant to showcase the talents of those not typically in the spotlight. According to Brady Mallory, third year journalism major and event organizer, “You” will do just that.

“The show is about the students? the ones that get lost in the shuffle of college life,” Mallory said. “This is their chance to show off their gifts.”

The show features ten acts highlighting veteran and fresh talent.

Micah Wetzel, a fifth year music and business major, is no stranger to the stage. He returns for his fourth and final Cavorts show. He said that the past few years he’s been “pretty serious.” But, he plans “to have fun this time” by singing “Africa” by TOTO.

Brittany Welk, a second year music merchandising major, is an up and coming country singer. She makes her first Cavorts appearance singing Trisha Yearwood’s “That’s What I Like About You.” Welk said she’s been “singing for quite awhile” and “?hopes to pursue it as a full-time career someday.”

This year, a colorful performance comes to the stage as well. The Yellow and Blue Man Group will be ending the night with a bang–well, banging, that is–of tuned industrial piping. This imaginative performance features two replicas of original BMG apparatuses.

Apart from shedding light on local talent, the show is designed to entertain in a big way.

Cavorts’ attendance is growing larger every year. Over a thousand people are expected to attend the annual talent show. Along with the attendance, Mallory anticipates the show to surpass last year’s and set a precedent for the next.

“I’ve always been a fan of big productions,” Mallory said. “I can promise it’s gonna be big!”