Policy seen as unfair to students

Roxy Hammond

Roxy Hammond

SDSU has once again proven that they hate having too much of a good thing.

So, they decided to end tailgating. A decision slipped by the SA Senate during the summer, and implemented without any input from anyone else.

More than anything, this demonstrates to me how out of touch the administration is with the students. It says to me that the students aren’t the real reason we have a university here. Obviously we aren’t even important enough to weigh in on decisions regarding arguably one of the most important and memorable parts of attending an SDSU football game.

This plays into an even bigger picture. A picture where a university is trying to go big time, to compete nationally on every level and losing touch with the reason they’re really here-the students.

It’s easy to turn an institution into a money making machine. It’s easy to show our shiny plaques for doctorates and research. It’s even easier to show off the trophies for the sports teams winning their games and going to the top. The most tangible way for a college to say, “Hey! We’re legitimate!”

But what am I going to remember when I graduate? Am I going to remember the score of the football games I attended? Am I going to care about how much money the university made by shifting to D-1?

Or am I going to remember how that same university took one of the best things the football games had going for them away because they felt our priorities were wrong?

Because they felt that the students should value the football game more than the social aspect of being there.

I’m not just talking about our ability to bong a beer between quarters, or our ability to drunkenly play catch in the backyard. I’m talking about the overall aura, the energy, the atmosphere, of joining your fellow college students out back and enjoying yourself among the electricity in the air.

Showing school spirit does not always come in the form of donning face paint and crowding the stands. Sometimes it means showing up to be with your fellow students, and contributing to the happiness in the air. Sometimes it just means shouting “GO JACKS!” when you couldn’t care less about football.

Because we are more than that here at SDSU. We are more than our sports teams, and we are more than our size. We are each and every one of the students that value SDSU in their own way. Unfortunately, it seems the administration has lost that.

And that’s what we’ll remember when we leave this place. We’ll remember how we went to a school that didn’t care about the memories we took with us, as long as our football team was supported in the right way, or as long as we could proudly display our D-1 status.

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