Live artists collaborate


Laura Lucas And Brent Hardie

A collection of poets, artists and musicians will be performing at Cottonwood Coffee on Sept. 14 at 6 p.m.

The event is called “The Vast Expanse.” It will include two poets, two musicians and at least two visual artists. Steven Kleinsasser, a sophomore English major and event organizer, said he wanted to put something together in order to showcase several types of art and artists.

“We are celebrating the creative abilities that exist inside of everyone, everywhere,” Kleinsasser said.

The two musicians are Sean McFarland and Brandon Williams. McFarland will play the stand up bass accompanying Kleinsasser’s poetry. Williams is scheduled to have his own acoustic set.

The two poets are Lucas Murray, a former SDSU student, and Kleinsasser. Murray is a self-described “beatnik” poet whose work has been published. He plans to “go with the flow,” performing a considerable amount of pieces that he has prepared. Kleinsasser describes his work as more “post-modern” and said he also has a few pieces prepared.

The two visual artists expected are Dan Spaulding and Nathan Schultz. The artists are going to be doing live performance paintings said Kleinsasser.

“It is for whoever wants to come out and get creative or see creativity happen,” said Spaulding.