New position set to create opportunities


Editorial Board

The Issue:Students’ Association has created an internship coordinator position.

The Stance:SA is doing its job and working to help students.

At the beginning of next semester, SDSU students will have a new person to turn to in their quest to find internships.

Alex Brown announced at the Sept. 17 Students’ Association meeting that Senators Chris Schaefer and Brady Mallory had created an internship coordinator position, a project they began shortly after taking office on March 17. SA expects to have this position staffed by January.

This position could be huge for both SDSU and its students in both the short term and the long term. This person would be a central hub for all information regarding internships. Students will have one place to go, one main source to look to when searching for a quality company to practice what they’ve learned during their college career. Companies will have one contact at the university to send their applications and job descriptions to. The internship coordinator will be more likely to find positions at larger companies across the country and around the world, giving students another opportunity to expand their personal horizons and figure out where that “anywhere” is that they’re supposed to go to from here.

While these students are employed far and away-but also in and near-Brookings, SDSU as an institution will be benefiting. Many companies hire prospects that interned for them, spreading SDSU’s reputation for producing quality graduates and industry leaders. With alumni in prominent places, SDSU has one more angle they can use to entice high school seniors into becoming Jackrabbits. The school’s name recognition will grow as alumni move around the world in a different, but just as important, way than the move to Division I will.

SA deserves recognition for the hard work that went into this project. Creating a brand new position in six months-and three of those were summer vacation-is extremely efficient. It’s only October and SA has been able to cross one item off its to-do list.

Mallory deserves congratulations for accomplishing one of his campaign goals. All too often senators list off goals that are great in theory, but are too difficult to accomplish in one term. He’s been a senator since March and already has one completed.

The current senators, including the executive board, seem to be very ambitious and diligent, but there’s still a lot on their plate. Let’s hope this project is representative of SA as a whole, not just a couple outstanding members.