Name brands, latest fashions sold at affordable prices

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Imagine a store that sold great name brand clothing such as Hollister, Abercrombie, Buckle and more for 70% less then the average sale price. After Best Friend’s Closet closed in July, Sara Rowland, the new owner of Trendz, offers a new urbanized style of clothing for less.

Trendz offers name brand shoes, jeans, shirts, hoodies, sweaters and more. “Our store specializes in teenagers and young adults for both men and women,” Rowland said.

“It is a great place to shop for name brand clothing at a great price,” said Laura Salonen, a junior in early childhood education major.

Salonen shops at Trendz frequently, purchasing coats, shirts and jeans.

The name Trendz is known for the “It” factor. “It just felt right. It was the best way to describe a store promoting a new age style of clothing,” said Rowland.

Since the birth of Trendz, Rowland has changed the design layout, increased customer service and has prospects for expansion within Brookings. As a visionary, Rowland wants to change how people perceive second-hand shopping while inspiring all ages to get involved with the newest trends.

Freshman nursing major Katelyn Bau entered the store and was instantly greeted and assisted by an employee of Trendz. “They were all very hospitable and knew precisely what I wanted with little work on my part,” Bau said.

“Hands down, our employees are amazing,” Rowland said.

“I bought an Abercrombie sweater for six dollars. Trendz definitely lives up to its name with great prices,” said Katherine Mowery, a sophomore interior design major.

If you are interested in selling clothes through Trendz, there are two options. You may sell clothing directly to the store for 20% of the value price or wait for clothing to sell on the consignment basis for 50% of the value.

Rowland encourages everyone to go through his or her closets. Trendz is always chasing after the latest fashion and will rarely accept clothing older than two years unless it is in style and in good condition. This is how Trendz keeps their reputation of selling fashionable quality clothing for a cheaper price.

“Not something you see in Brookings. Trendz has an awesome twist as opposed to the normality Brookings is used to,” Kerri Bolzer a senior at Brookings High School, said.

Rowland is also the owner of Planet Kids another store in the resale business specializing in children’s toys and clothing.

Trendz is open Monday through Wednesday and Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursdays 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Trendz is also a great advocate to the community. Not only does Trendz sponsor local charity events, but also for every 90 days all unsold clothing is donated to the Brookings Area Abuse Shelter.

According to Pam Beck, the co-director of the abuse shelter, 394 victims were clothed and sheltered in 2005. With the help of store owners like Rowland and the Brookings community, they can continue to help citizens in need.

You may contact Trendz at [email protected] or (605)-697-7443.