Children get creative and enjoy Halloween

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

For centuries Halloween has been celebrated every year. From the religious practices of the Druids to the Irish farmers begging for pumpkins, this holiday gives everyone the opportunity to wear the face of anybody they wish. This year, to help kick off this festive day, kindergartners painted pumpkins with an assortment of colors. Many kids incorporated colors like cherry red, plum or blue and patterns like tie-dye.

Junior Dex Stewart, a hotel and food service management major, was given a class assignment for Meeting and Convention Management and decided to keep with the Halloween spirit by bringing in pumpkins and accessories. He made it possible for the children to personalize their individual pumpkins to take home. Before the painting began, Stewart explained to the kindergartners certain safety precautions necessary to have a fun and safe time going door to door on Halloween night.

Tiffanni Tobeck, a sophomore pre-pharmacy major and a volunteer s, felt that it was a great activity for the children. This got the kids hyped up for trick-or-treating while teaching them how to avoid dangerous situations by staying close to their parents and avoiding talking to strangers. “I could tell they had fun. It was a great way to get the kids excited for trick or treating,” said Tobeck.

“In today’s society children should have a better understanding as to what houses to approach and which ones may not be such a good idea,” said Christie Madsen, a senior psychology major. Madsen also said this experience gave the children an opportunity to express themselves in a creative fashion while having fun.