Battle of the Bands

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

The Battle of the Bands winner was announced Tuesday night.

The battle was held in the Volstorff Ballroom in The Union at 7 p.m. About 400 people attended.

Five bands played. Each had 20 minutes to wow the crowd with their original songs. Some bands tried to get the crowd hyped and involved by doing a group clap or challenging them to dance.

The winner was Electric Nectar, and the runner up was Avery.

“We played tight,” David Vanderbush, a sophomore mechanical engineering major who plays drums for the first band to play, Dawning by Day, said. “This was one of our better shows.”

The type of music ranged from bluegrass to dance rock.

Jon Wallner, the singer of Avery, said, “I felt we had a solid performance.”

The bands had merchandise for sale. There were items such as T-shirts, CDs and buttons. UPC also had Battle of the Bands T-shirts for sale.

“The bands are super duper,” Michael Ross, a Brookings resident who attended the show, said.

After all the bands had played, the crowd had to choose the winner. This year the crowd had to fill out score sheets that had each band listed. The band with the most votes won and had an encore set after Dancing with the Stars finished.

“We did well even though my guitar strap fell off during a song,” Andrew Eide, a senior consumer affairs major and guitar player for Welcome to the Cinema, said.

#1.883156:943317835.jpg:Battle of the bands Avery.jpg:Members of Avery jam out to one of their songs.:John Dahmen#1.883155:1003181633.jpg:battle of the bands nectar.jd.jpg:Electric Nectar during one of their songs at Battle of the Bands.:John Dahmen