Message of revelation, not damnation is key

Justine Haaland

Justine Haaland

In response to Roxy Hammond’s “Religious Intolerance: My way or the highway to hell,” I would just like to say that Christians are getting a really bad rap.

Let me start out by saying that I didn’t disagree with everything Roxy said. I agree that going up to people and telling them that if they don’t repent, they are going to hell is not the best way of handling things. She was right in that aspect.

However, I have different feelings on, “I am constantly blasted by people who feel they have the right to tell me that I will be damned to an eternal hell, and to judge my way of life simply because they call themselves Christians.”

It’s almost as if non-Christians think that Christians have a game going on. Like we have a huge tally board when you walk into church and every person we convert, we get another tally. Not to mention the competition between youth groups, whoever gets the most people converted by the end of the month gets a pizza party! That may be the way some other religions think, but Bible-based Christianity is not like that.

To quote from the movie Déj