Invisible instruments and wacky costumes

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

On Friday night the members of Residential Life and Weekend STUFF hosted the first annual student air band/lip-syncing competition. Four daring groups of students formed bands and lip-synced to the song of their choice, doing their very best to charm the crowd.

The first place winner was Ceiling Fan, second place was Philosophika and third place was Little and Poor.

The first group to perform was Philosophika. The group consisted of Tim Guldan, a senior biology education major, Adam Strickler, a senior history major, and Mike Kvanli, a sophomore communications major. They “sang” “I Want it That Way,” by the Backstreet Boys.

“I think it’s a great way to make yourself look stupid in front of your friends,” said Guldan.

Philosophika went on stage with slicked back hair and sleek button-up shirts. Two members were wearing fedora hats and used them during their dance. The group sang their hearts out as they flirted with a few girls in the crowd, in true Backstreet Boys fashion. Near the end of their song, they jumped off the stage and started dancing with the crowd. Philosophika made the girls giggle and their competition smile.

The next group to go on stage was the Pierson Hotties. The group consisted of Kim Elsen, a senior sociology major, Kim Hartman, a sophomore graphic design major, and Katie Buehner, a sophomore health and fitness education major. They sang “Bad Touch” by the Bloodhound Gang.

The Pierson Hotties went on stage and sang along to “Bad Touch” while showing off a few dirty dance moves. They were not afraid of laughing at themselves and showing just how much fun they were having looking silly.

“I think it’s a really fun activity,” said Buehner.

Little and Poor was the third group to perform. Kali Lingen, a sophomore journalism major, Samantha Brooke, a sophomore general studies, and Leah Hansen, a sophomore animal science major, were the members of the group. They sang “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” by Big and Rich.

“We just thought it would be a good idea to try something new,” said Hansen. “It’s college!”

The girls of Little and Poor took the stage swinging their hips and blowing kisses to the crowd. The girls even threw monopoly money at the crowd while they were busy strutting their stuff. When the girls were through spinning and showing off, they received quite a few whistles from the crowd.

Ceiling Fan was the last to group of the night to perform. The group consisted of Amy Bastian, a sophomore microbiology major, Christa Larson, a sophomore food science major, and Katie Buehner, a sophomore health and physical fitness major. The girls sang along to “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” by the Scissor Sisters.

Ceiling Fan went on stage wearing silver and platinum blond wigs with mardi gras beads around their necks. The girls had all kinds of crazy dance moves that filled the crowd with laughter. They even ripped off their shirts and pants-with other clothes underneath of course.

During their performance they jumped off the stage and danced with the crowd, sitting on one audience member’s lap. They gave their mardi gras beads to the judges, and one “singer” gave away her wig.

“I was just excited about it,” said Bastian. “I wasn’t nervous at all.”

There were four judges at the event: Troy Alfson, assistant director of Residential Life; Jodi Wuttke, the academic coordinator for Upward Bound; Adam Karnopp, assistant director of student activities; and Trisha Nordaune, program advisor for Greek Life.

The bands were judged on the way they were dressed, their performance, their use of props and the amount of audience interaction. The first place winners of the competition each won $100 in Hobo Dough, second place winners won $50 each in Hobo Dough and the third place winners each won $30 in Hobo Dough.