Wager leaves NDSU student body president with pie on face

Katrina Sargent

Katrina Sargent

Pies flew at Coughlin-Alumni Stadium on Nov. 17 after SDSU won the Dakota Marker game.

The stadium was packed with a record crowd of 16,345 people who came to watch the rival teams play for the marker and the conference title.

SDSU Students’ Association President Alex Brown and Vice President Chris Schaefer had a bet with North Dakota State University’s Student Body President Josh Reimnitz and Vice President Clara Presser. The government representatives from the winning team would throw a pie into the face of the representatives from the losing team after the game.

“The wager came about one day in July when I was sitting in my office talking with last year’s student body president at NDSU, who mentioned the bet that had taken place two years ago,” said Reimnitz.

Brown and Reimnitz agreed to the wager and on Saturday, Reimnitz and Presser came down to the corner of the field where Brown and Schaefer pied them on the big screen.

“I was in contact with the president of NDSU and set up the wager to continue to grow and advance the rivalry between the schools,” said Brown.

Brown and Schaefer used two pie plates that were filled with whipped cream to pie NDSU’s representatives.

Brown said he was thankful that the NDSU president and vice president, as well as the athletic department, were willing to help make this wager possible.

The Jacks won the game with a a score of 29 to 24. They not only won back the Dakota Marker, but also took the Great West Conference title.