Higher learning is key for better, brighter future

Eric Ariel Salas

Eric Ariel Salas

The efforts of the Department of Education in the Philippines are nothing but little in comparison to the major bottlenecks facing the nation’s education system today.

I share the same thoughts with those who desire that the education in my country be given higher priority with regards to government attention and annual budget. You would agree with me that everyone has the right to quality education. It is the sure key to breaking the cycle of poverty and providing every youth better opportunities and venues to lead better lives. The quality of life for the future Filipino generations depends on the augmentation of the knowledge and skills through good education.

But where is good education in a country such as ours? In my pursuit for a redesigned system of education, I would write and send forth the following letter to all students, not only in the Philippines, but to all poverty-stricken, third-world countries with diminishing school standards and forever hoping for a first-rate education framework to come.

Dear students:

Send your thank yous to the people who have sacrificed themselves for your education. Without these very extraordinary beings in your lives, you would be fundamentally nothing. Thank your parents for pointing you in the right direction and teaching you the value of education.

Your moment is now. Every moment is a reality. Every day marks your rite of passage to another step in life. The lessons you learn in the classrooms and lecture halls should create the concrete foundation you need to surmount major hurdles along the way.

Think of greater challenges to come and the many future steps ahead of you. Education would lead you to it. The French revolutionary Danton said, “After bread, education.” Danton reminds us that education is the next essential necessity after food, clothing, and shelter. Education pulls the people out of a state of poverty.

Look forward to a good education. Anticipate that the government would continue to advance the teaching of English in schools to every nook and cranny of the nation. The skill to communicate in English has always been the strongest selling point everywhere, and you don’t want to take that for granted. Literacy in English must not be allowed to deteriorate through time.

Expect that the government would continue to press forward math and science teaching in the basic education curriculum. Intensified learning hours for mathematics and laboratory hours for science has to be done, whatever it takes.

Expect a deep inculcation of moral, social and cultural values in all levels of education. According to Philippine President, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, “Knowledge without character is not acceptable. Critical thinkers are better citizens.”

Above all, remember to be people with big hopes. Expectations and hopes bring all citizens closer to the dream of a strong republic and a nation empowered by good and quality education.

Finally, no dream is too big and no step is too small to achieve these expectations. Just put your talents to work. Spread your knowledge and you will surely be rewarded one-hundred fold. Or maybe even more.

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