Yellow and Blue invade So Cal

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

The Pride of the Dakotas recently returned from their trip to Pasadena, Calif., where they performed in front of millions during the Rose Parade.

“The trip was a wonderful opportunity for the students to work together and to bond,” said Jeanne Manzer from University Relations. “The band has so many students with such a broad range of majors, but they really did come together on the trip.”

The Rose Parade was a seven-mile march for the band members while they played. “I thought the performance was pretty good, but toward the end of the march, it started to get a little tiring for all of us,” said Casey Schneider, a sophomore trombone player and music education major.

The crowd’s cheering really helped keep the band awake and enthusiastic toward the end; it was quite the walk for them, said Manzer.

The members of The Pride had the opportunity to go to many events and participate in sightseeing as well. “The whole thing was an overall great experience,” said Caitlin Werner, a sophomore clarinet player and biology major. “The only thing I might have changed was that I wish we would have had more time to sightsee.”

“I thought the trip was really fun. It was almost indescribable. It was just a great trip overall,” said Nathan Nash, a freshman clarinet player and electrical engineering major.

The Pride spent much of their time in California practicing for their performances. “We all worked really hard and we pulled it off well,” said Tyler Wulf, a junior baritone player and electrical engineering major. “I was a little worried about us being able to keep our lines clean when we turned the corner during the parade, but I thought our performance turned out really good.”

“It was hard to know what to expect but I had a great time, and I’m glad we had the opportunity to do this,” said Sara Berg, a freshman piccolo player and an agricultural engineering and agricultural education major. “The trip was a lot of fun.”

#1.882955:2153775506.jpg:HotTubHotelweb.jpg:The hotel hot tub reaches maximum capacity as Pride students take a break from performing.:Eric Landwehr#1.882954:2960075862.jpg:disneylandparadeweb.jpg::Eric Landwehr#1.882953:1722694684.jpg:bandfestchicoineweb.jpg:SDSU President David Chicoine looks on as band members head back to the buses after the Tournament of Roses Band Fest.:Eric Landwehr