Letter to the Editor: Drug use and abuse is harmful


As a ’50s student and retired SDSU professor, I am absolutely overwhelmed about the use and abuse of pot and other supposedly “harmless” and illegal and legal drugs. Both the Omaha drive-in shooting and the San Francisco Zoo tragedy were closely linked to marijuana, but some strongly defend its legalization in our state.

Please consider the facts.

The conversion of this Dell Rapids A-B student into a SDSU dropout and accused killer appears similar to other pot-induced transformations of promising high school students. And these three young men, after using pot and alcohol, clearly appear to have incited the tiger’s attack.

How many university failures, personal tragedies, overcrowded prisons, broken families, men and women on welfare, highway accidents and other tragedies result from bad choices related to the use, abuse and addiction to pot?

Only God and Satan know what horrible actions might result from inhaling, consuming or injecting pot or any other mind-altering, physically-debilitating or hallucinogenic drug, and I firmly believe that Christ firmly forbids the nonessential use and abuse of any and all such drugs.

I only pray that more SDSU students, teachers, administrators and others might come to better realize that marijuana is not just a harmless drug but a killer of ability and of motivation and yes, perhaps, sometimes even a premeditated or incidental killer of people.

Al LundenSDSU Alumni