Letter to the Editor: Parking problem ignored


South Dakota State University’s parking must be reformed and updated. This has been relevant to students and faculty for several years now. Students’ road rage intensely rises as battling drivers dangerously speed through campus, nearly colliding with opposing drivers, and SDSU builds your hopes of going “anywhere from here.” Well, those dreams will be skewed from constant tardiness as a result of space searching. This parking dilemma is becoming more and more hurtful to students’ education. Rolling into class 15 minutes late, missing quizzes, stress and panic, walking a half mile in sub-zero temperatures, receiving tickets; a few of the misfortunes of SDSU parking that victimize many students every day. I now get guff from teachers, stating that they have heard the “parking excuse” too many times, as if the problem has some how gone away. This problem could be resolved by, perhaps, constructing a parking ramp or placing a new lot south of the Rotunda. I know new buildings and other priorities are at the top of the present money list, but I believe that this parking situation needs affirmative action for the sake of a better student experience.

Peter Ohnsorg