Letter to the Editor: Second Amendment misused


I read the article about allowing guns on university campuses. I think that’s stupid, and I can’t believe the legislature went along with that.

By allowing guns on campus is just inviting trouble. There might be people with good intentions, but what happens when someone gets drunk and gets into a fight, or someone gets mad about something, and bang, someone gets hurt. Whether or not it’s an accidental shooting or intentional is beside the point. Why do we need guns on campus. Only UPD should be allowed to carry guns in case there is a need for them as concerning their jobs.

Does this mean that now I can get a gun and carry it into a store, bank or even church with me because the second amendment of the constitution says I can? This is crazy and stupid, and I hope the bill fails. Oh, I better not get someone who supports the bill mad; I might get shot.

George NelsonBrookings