Pub Crawl not an excuse to over-consume

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

The tradition of Brookings’ St. Patricks Day Pub Parade, or Pub Crawl, is a popular event among SDSU students. There are a few tips that should be taken into consideration to help keep everyone safe throughout the day.

“People need to realize that Pub Crawl is a really fun event for everyone, but it’s not an excuse to over-consume,” said Karl Steege, the manager of Skinner’s Pub. “It’s not an excuse to just do something stupid.”

Professors at Kansas State University-who have done research on college students who drink-have recommended strategies to prevent dangerous drinking episodes. These include limiting the number of drinks consumed, using self-protective strategies and limiting the amount of money you will spend on alcohol at the beginning of the night.

Other strategies include developing a low-risk attitude-not seeming aggressive toward others-and always staying with friends. When going to a bar with friends, keep an eye out for each other and stay together.

Drinking and driving is another thing that students need to be cautioned about. Driving after drinking, whether after consuming one drink or 10, is a hazard to the driver as well as others. It is almost better if you do not take your car downtown in the first place, then there will not be a choice to make, said Steege

“The big thing about safety issues is that we make sure everyone has a ride,” said Gus Theodosopoulous, the owner of Cubby’s Sports Bar and Grill who will be taking part in the Pub Crawl events. “On that day there are usually plenty of easy taxi services and buses to take though.” recommends snacking on food while you drink. According to the Web site, when alcohol is taken with food it slows the process of emptying the stomach contents, slows the absorption of alcohol and reduces the peak blood alcohol content reached.

“Everyone should remember that your body can only consume one drink an hour,” said Steege. “People should try to take a break for a little while in between drinks and drink some water.”