Wacipi celebrates American Indian culture

Brittany Westerberg

Brittany Westerberg

The 18th Annual SDSU Wacipi (Pow-wow), one of the largest cultural events held on campus, was held in Frost Arena March 8-9.

The Wacipi celebrates American Indian culture through music, fellowship and dance. March 8 was exhibition and March 9 was the actual contest, where the judges decided on the winners based on how well the dancers-dressed in traditional American Indian costumes-followed traditional forms and kept in time with the beat of the music, among other criteria. Drummers accompanied the dancers, and the drum groups came from the surrounding states of Iowa, North Dakota, Nebraska and Minnesota, as well South Dakota.

The SDSU Native American Club, Students’ Association and the Brookings Chamber of Commerce sponsored the Wacipi.

The SDSU Native American Club is a student organization that works to serve the needs of Native American students at SDSU. The club provides its members with a social outlet – acting as a source of friendship – and support for everyone involved. Anyone interested in learning about and sharing the culture and heritage of Native Americans is welcome.