Rapper appreciates fans’ support

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

The Fire and Ice tour came to the Swiftel Center on April 28. The show featured Tech N9ne, Paul Wall and special guest Ill Bill.

According to his Web site, Aaron “Tech N9ne” Yates got his start in 1985 when he wrote his first rhyme on a dare. The next day he performed that rhyme at his school in Kansas City. He has rhymed ever since.

Early in his career, he was a part of the group NNUTT HOWZE. However, the group separated after being dropped from their record label.

According to Tech N9ne, his stage name came about when a fellow rapper heard him and wanted him to join his group. Everyone in the group already had a stage name except Tech N9ne. The two looked at pictures in a magazine and his friend suggested Tech N9ne because Tech N9ne’s rapping is like a gun. According to his Web site, he is described as a motor-mouthed rapper.

“The nine is a reference to all things. There are nine months of pregnancy, nine lives of a cat,” he said.

Tech N9ne’s first album, titled “The Calm Before The Storm,” came out in 1999. In 2002, he and Travis O’Guin created Strange Music, a record label.

During shows, Tech N9ne sometimes paints his face.

“I’ve been the clown for years. As a kid I was leery of clowns and feared them, but then that fear grew into obsession and mystery,” he said.

He also said the words he sometimes puts on his forehead are an expression of what he is feeling. “I love being different,” he said.

According to his Web site, Tech N9ne has recorded with many artists, including Insane Clown Posse, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and 2Pac. Tech N9ne said he has worked with many talented people and would like to do future projects with System of a Down and Outcast. He said he likes to work with people who are very talented.

On July 1, his new album, “Killer,” comes out. “It is a combination of every album I’ve ever had crammed into one. It is a double album. It is psychotic, sad, happy – it’s everything,” he said. “I write my life. Whatever I feel.” He also said his favorite things to rap about are from his heart.

Tech N9ne said the best part of being a performer is creating music and performing for the fans and people who appreciate him.

Tech N9ne said as a final statement, “Celebrate life.”

Many of his fans came to his performance. “I love Tech N9ne. He’s my favorite rapper because he came from nothing and worked his way up,” said Brookings native Carl Wendorff.