Clinton, Obama strengths will turn to weaknesses if run on same ticket

Gay Leclair

Gay Leclair

Some within the Democratic Party hope that Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama run on the same ticket.

All within the Democratic Party should shout from the top of the highest building in a coordinated earsplitting bellow from the diaphragm – NO!

Clinton and Obama together on a ticket would be a mistake of immeasurable proportions.

These two candidates have a lot going for them individually. Clinton and Obama are both strong-willed, determined, intelligent people; both more than capable of running the country.

However, those same strengths will ultimately turn out to be their weaknesses when paired together.

Clinton and Obama in the White House together would equal a continual battle-royale over the best way to reach a particular goal – a knock-down, drag-out, call the police ’cause the neighbors are beating each other again type battles over every little thing. Both being strong-willed, determined, intelligent people, they have their own ideas and agendas which translates into little compromise and little accomplished.

It does not matter which one would be president, the result would be the same. Hence, the dream ticket would turn into a nightmare.

Clinton and Obama could potentially achieve more separately than together, so both should consider other qualified vice presidential candidates that would mesh better with each potential president’s strengths as well as their weaknesses.

The concept is a noble one, though. The possibility of having two minority groups – women and African Americans – in the White House changing the political and social landscape of the country for the better is a heady prospect. And it could still happen; we could still have a woman and an African American in the White House together.

It just should not be Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama together.