Improvements and contentions seen in Chicoine’s first full year


Editorial Board

The Issue:

SDSU has made progress to change multiple facets of campus and its overall mindset under the leadership of President Chicoine.

Our View:

Chicoine ushered in these advancements during his first year, but more steps need to be taken.

SDSU’s President David Chicoine has plenty of reasons to be proud of his first year. The women’s basketball team made its second appearance in the Women’s National Invitational Tournament. Our football team marched its way to its first conference championship since 1963. The Jackrabbit logo underwent a revolutionary revision, while numerous new building such as the Dykhouse Student Athlete Center and Avera Health and Science Complex have been realized. It’s worth noting that Avera donated $15 million to the University-the largest donation given to SDSU.

We agree with many of the changes and improvements to SDSU that began in the past year, but this University needs to advance in all areas to fulfill its Division I aspirations. While we are excited to see these plans become reality, there is still work to be done.

In his first year, President Chicoine has overseen numerous projects and improvements to our campus. His vision to improve on-campus research has seen the creation of the Innovation Campus. When completed, it will give outside companies an opportunity to work with SDSU students to research new ideas. We are excited to see what is produced with these new relationships.

Parking on campus has been a sleeping giant of a concern to everyone on campus. The frustration finding a parking spot and commuting from off campus has been a constant for anyone with a car. President Chicoine’s strategic plan for campus includes numerous changes, such as a bus service and a “walking campus.” The administration’s plan to move student parking off campus is a monumental change. Although the work will be intensive, it promises to improve traffic flow and lessen congestion in high-traffic areas.

A new area of contention is the Presidents’ Climate Commitment and SDSU’s goals to improve its environmental impact. The University has moved forward itself towards change with Project Sustainability, a campus organization dedicated to “green” concerns. Recycling efforts in the dorms, along with focusing on energy concerns are parts of Project Sustainability’s plan to improve SDSU. Due to our Central Heating Plant and its coal burners, President Chicoine has declined to sign the agreement. The Students’ Association Senate approved its recommendation to approve the commitment and disagrees with President Chicoine. While the University has not sat idle to these earthly concerns, this commitment would cement our “eco-friendly” stance.

During his first year, President Chicoine led SDSU into a new era of research-based education. Projects like the Health and Science Complex and Innovation Campus will improve the quality of education opportunities. However, improving our infrastructure is something that needs urgent attention. The facilities on campus, from Central Heating Plant to parking lots, need improvements now as well as plans for the future. The Chicoine-led administration has done well in voicing its strategy for SDSU, but we would like more immediate action on important topics that affect us now.