Sports writer is up for new air and spring

Nick Hartley

Nick Hartley

The mixture of snowy weather combined with nice weather has given me hope. Even though two days out of every week during the last four weeks has been coated with snow, I am hopeful that spring is here. Visions of outdoor activities have danced in my dreams. After what seems like eight months of winter, the thought of being able to go enjoy a round of golf brings joy to my soul. Soon more sounds of spring will fill the air as softball, baseball and football practices and games will be occurring all over campus.

While I enjoy the basketball games that come with the winter season, the sound of the ping off a softball bat is just as enjoyable. Being outside and sucking in the fresh air of spring brings life into many college students around the country. They stumble out of their dark, dank, warm dorm rooms into the freshness that is spring, like zombies. Outdoors enthusiasts are unshackled and allowed to roam free into the wild world of sports. No longer do I have to hear about hockey, skiing or even curling; I now can enjoy baseball, spring football, soccer and golf.

The green grass beckons for attention, whether it be taking a nap outside, frolicking with a loved one on it or taking up a divot on a 200-yard shoot to the green on a par five. Spring is what some consider the start of a new sports season with baseball’s Opening Day marking the start of the march to summer and the Atlanta Braves run at the World Series. April is when many sports end their seasons with playoffs and championship games.

The NFL draft brings hope to prospects like Chris Wagner, Mitch Erickson and Parker Douglass for their shot at being the next South Dakota State alum in the NFL. Soccer and volleyball teams come together for the first time since November to practice and compete as a team. Coach Stig and crew take their last breaths as Great West Champions and get ready for a grueling year in the Gateway Football Conference.

Spring is also when progress on all sorts of building projects occurs. Soon ground will be broken for the Dykehouse Center, the Wellness Center is on its last stages of construction and Harding Hall South is well underway. Shepard Hall is on its last breaths of life as this spring brings its demolition and replacement with a new multimillion-dollar science building. There are signs of old being replaced with new all over the community. The season of spring boots out the seasons of past and brings in seasons of new.

Fear not students and alums, this spring brings much hope to the campus of SDSU. April is going to be a time of great change in the Brookings community as college kids start moving back home. Beware that there are only four more weeks of classes before finals week. Take this time to enjoy the end of year, make some new friends, grill out with some old friends, have fun and get ready for summer.

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