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Ariy-El Boynton

Ariy-El Boynton

Q: What does the term “redshirt” mean? Do you get a redshirt because you are not a good player?

A: Good question, and to answer your question, no. If a student-athlete does redshirt, he/she is not a bad athlete. A redshirt athlete is a member of the team who goes to practices, goes to meetings and lifts with the team, but that athlete sits out a year and cannot compete against other colleges and universities. If the player does play – only if it is just a second – a player will not be granted a redshirt.

The NCAA allows only four years of eligibility, except in special circumstances where a player might receive an additional year. Most athletes redshirt their freshmen year in order to get used to playing at the college level without the added pressure of playing. Although, if a player gets hurt and has not used their redshirt, say their sophomore year, they can redshirt their junior year and have two years left.

Contrary to popular belief, a redshirt cannot be granted by the NCAA at the start of the academic calendar, rather at the end. Meaning that a basketball player can go to all of the home games and suit up, but if the player does not see a single second of action, then the player is not eligible for a redshirt. Having the planned redshirt student-athlete dress for games could be handy if some academic issues or behavioral problems occur for several members of the team and the coach is short-handed. The coach may use the player at any time, but the player would no longer be a redshirt.

Still confused? It is like putting a year into the bank, sacrificing a year and depositing the year into the eligibility bank, hoping you will get dividends later down the road.

While the origins are unknown, it is likely that the term redshirt is from the practice jerseys that players wear when they scrimmage each other.

Q: What are the NFL fantasy-league sleepers this year?

A: Thanks for your question, and I don’t want to ignore you, but I need a little side-bar, first. Then, I promise I’ll give you my best answer.

That question reminds of another question: what exactly are the “Sounds of Silence?” I tried to write an essay on the song, which was written by Simon and Arty, but I ended up with just a blank page. Is that irony or me just over-thinking something? Does anyone know?

By the way, why hasn’t Alanis Morissette ever been a special guest star on Scrub? Many guests made an appearance on the show, and they were good – although Tara Reid was bad – but who was the best? I’d go with John Ritter, R.I.P. (1948-2003); top shelf I would say.

My favorite episode of Three’s Company has to be when Janet overhears Jack and Chrissie mixing butter and thinks they’re doing something else! Hilarious!

Oh, and what has happened to men like Tony Micelli on Who’s the Boss? He said names like “Angela, Mona, Jonathan and Sam,” with such command; it was great.

Oh, back to your question, I got nothing, but thanks for asking.

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