Oh no, where did the backhoe go?

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

There was a minor accident involving one of the backhoes being used in the construction area near Shepard Hall on Sept. 8.

A construction worker was attempting to dig out a cistern next to the building when the ground collapsed from underneath the machine. There was no damage done to the building and the construction worker was not injured.

“Everyone was fine; no one got hurt,” said Mike Cronin, one of the construction workers with Gil Haugen. “There was some damage to the machine, like broken cab windows, but other than that it was fine.”

#1.882476:2179117282.jpg:Backhoe.2.CMYK.RB.jpg:Ground gave way as a backhoe neared Shepard Hall during construction of the Avera Health and Science Complex on Sept. 8.:Ruth Brown#1.882475:1009310764.jpg:Backhoe.1.CMYK.RB.jpg::Ruth Brown