Sex lecturer speaking on Thursday

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

“Maria Falzone is very funny, sharp and witty,” said Brady Mallory, special events coordinator of the University Program Council (UPC).

According to Monica Hanson, a junior consumer affairs major, Falzone is a comedic sex lecturer who teaches students how to be smart.

Falzone is described on her Web site as “one of the most sought after speakers on safer sex at the college level.”

“She does it in a non-threatening, non-preachy way,” said Mallory, a senior journalism major. “She is a nice, personable woman.”

According to Mallory, UPC saw Falzone’s lecture at the National Association of Campus Activities last year. After seeing her, UPC decided to back her, because collectively, they feel it is important to provide education about her topics. Also, her message is something people can relate to and be entertained by.

“We live in a society where we get conflicting messages about sex,” Falzone says on her Web site. “Our parents and society tell us to wait. In the world of advertising sex sells. So we end up thinking that we should just know how to have sex . . . But when it comes to sex, which most of us are going to have, . . . we have little to no information.”

Mallory said Falzone’s main focus is about safe sex and sexuality. Her message is very informational even though she doesn’t have an official education on sexology. She uses personal experience and humor to get the message out there.

“Our generation doesn’t know enough about sex and sexuality. Hopefully people will realize sex is a serious issue and be knowledgeable,” said Mallory.

Falzone’s lecture will be Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. on the Market Stage in The Union.