“Happy Song” is a feel-good time

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

Andrew Gibson is a country singer/songwriter from Langford, S.D., with an album coming out next year.

Gibson got his start in music at an early age. His mother taught him how to play the piano, which he picked up fast. Gibson then moved on to the guitar.

“I played for talent shows. Interestingly, I was scared to sing in front of people. At 17, I sang in front of a friend and have sang since then,” said Gibson.

While attending SDSU, Gibson was first a music major and in chorus.

“I was told by the concert choir director that I wouldn’t be in concert choir,” he said.

In January of 2000, Gibson joined the band Eclipse at the age of 19.

“They are a lot of fun and very talented. They play a lot of different types of music,” said Kelsey Wick, a senior microbiology major.

According to their Web site, Eclipse is a six-person band with four singers who rotate. Eclipse’s members are Dale Plunkett (lead guitar), Jason Haven (guitar and vocals), Cassie Jopp (vocals), Tony Valnes (vocals, bass and drums), Steve Nelson (drums) and Andrew (Andy) Gibson (vocals, keyboard and guitar).

“I’m the country singer,” said Gibson. “We play a little bit of everything.”

Eclipse currently has a CD out, titled In The Mood. “We play shows every weekend in the area up to five hours away from Sioux Falls. We also play at SDSU one to two times a year,” said Gibson.

Eclipse has played at many different venues. “I have seen them at street dances, weddings and just their concerts,” said Rachael Breen, a senior microbiology major. “They have really great singers. They are all leads.”

About five years ago, HMG Nashville contacted Gibson after hearing him on the Internet. However, at the time, Gibson did not have the money to record.

Tragedy struck last year on Sept. 15 when his mother died. Gibson used his grief to write a thank you song for her.

“She died in the hospital. I tracked down a piano and played the tune. I finished the song and played it at her funeral,” he said.

When Gibson was set to record, he sent HMG a version of “Everything I am” (his mom’s song). According to Gibson, HMG then sent him some tracks to write lyrics to.

HMG had Gibson go to Nashville to record two songs.

“Two weeks before I went to record, I wrote a happy, upbeat song in 45 minutes. ‘Happy Song’ is played on the radio,” said Gibson.

All of the memorial money goes towards releasing his mom’s song. Gibson plans to release the song around Mother’s Day on Christian radio stations.

According to Gibson, when he writes a song, he does not know where it comes from.

“Sometimes when I am done writing a song, I look at it and don’t remember writing lines. ? You have to work on (a song), then let it sit and come back,” he said.

Gibson said one of his songs was something a co-worker told him to write. It is based off a song idea he was singing one day.

“A lot of artists do stuff about bad things that happen. I want mine to be fun and feel good. Hence the title Feel Good (for the album),” said Gibson.