Letter to the Editor: ‘Hurtful speech’ not needed


Dear Editor, As an SDSU and Collegian alumnus, I get a kick out of reading your paper and particularly enjoy the opinion and editorial section. However, I found Brady Mallory’s recent column titled, “Summer swimming lessons” amusing, until it got personal. Hurtful speech never makes for good journalism and has no place in The Collegian. Perhaps you should read your own editorial guidelines. I can say that Volga’s water aerobics class has been a wonderful experience for the 30-40 women who participate in it and only hope that they will return to our program next year without fear of being ridiculed in your paper. As the head of Volga’s Park and Recreation Program, one thing Brady and I can agree on, he “will surely never work at the Volga City Pool again.”

Marty Strasburg